Baby Girl Names




glory, honor. Aan is a Muslim Girl name and it is an Persian originated name with multiple meanings.

Arabic for moments, hours of the night.

Virtuous Woman

Fatimah Khatoon Female She Was A Literary Woman And A Poetess In Qastaniniyah.

She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah

Towards, direction, concern.

Aanil is a Turkish name for girls that means to bring to memory, to recall. It also means well-known, famous.

Young lady, Maiden

the meaning of aaniya is affectionate, Caring and consoler.




the act of adoring or embellishing.


One endowed with great knowledge.

Knowing, Women who recognizes Islam ,Knowledgeable, Learned

Desire, Wish, Hope

the one who is protector.

A deep thinker, having an appearance of deep thinker.

The person having the spirit to protect and guide others.

Full of yearning or thoughtful.

One who tends and heals the weak and poor.

A guardian angel.

Aaseman is a Persian name for girls that means sky, heaven.

One who be apt to weak and the one who makes good console & comfort.

Protector, guardian.


This name gives you capability of organising, planning & carrying work for great success.

Protector and defender.

Protector, defendant, central


Goodness or the one who is very hopeful.

Pharaoh’s wife who embraced lslam

Excellent, Precious

Excellent, Precious

The one who is a Protector and Guardian.

Affection, Sympathy

Aatifah is an Arabic name for girls that means affectionate, sympathetic. It also means affection, emotion, feeling.

Aatika is an Arabic name for girls that means pure, generous.


Aatiqa is an Arabic name for girls that means free.

Shoulder support old



an Educator, Teachers.

the Guardian, one who teaches.

Aawaz is a Kurdish name for girls that means melody, tune, song.

Aaween is a Kurdish name for girls that means pure, translucent, fresh, clean. Its literal meaning is made of water, like water.

Generally it means evidence or signs. In the Islam’s principal scripture, this name is used to mean Verse.

Aayizah is an Arabic name for girls that means replacement, something given to you in place of something you have lost.