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 Promise and Covenant




Single, Exclusively, Unequalled, One, without partner, unique, an attribute applied to Allah Almighty.

One Who Returns (For Shelter)

The Governor, He who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measure.

 Acquainted, aware of, experienced, conversant with, knowing, learned, sensible.

Coming, arriving, approaching, alighting, descending, happening, being present

An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor, The Supreme inheritor.

Capacious, wide, ample, One who possesses abundant (of anything) Allah’s attribute, Meaning, The All Controlling.

Describes, Attributes

Arriving, Connecting


Joined, connected, coupled, arrived.

 Trusted, Confident, Positive

 Strong, firm, binding,confident, secure, confiding, Name of a caliph of Islam.

Arabic for distributor, protector.




 Bright, brilliant

Waddeen is an Arabic name for boys that means loving, desiring.

 Friend, Friend, companion, beloved, Allah’s attribute.

Calm, Peaceful

Arabic for loving, affectionate

Good looking face, White skin, Clear, Day, Bright day

Calm, peaceful

Favorable, devoted, fond.

It is derived from the W-D-D root which is used in a number of places in the Quran.

Wadid is a Muslim baby boy name. You can see Arabic, Bangla, Urdu, Hindi spellings of Wadid. Also you find more 1,000 top Muslim trendy and unique baby boy names like Wadid.

Inhabit a calm place, Trusted to keep something

Lover, warm-hearted, affectionate, friend, beloved. Al-Wadood, the All-loving: one of the names of Allah.

One of the ninety nine names of Allah

Very loving, Polite

Seeking shelter


Waf is an Arabic name for boys that means faithful, loyal. It also means whole, complete, perfect.

Faithfulness, fidelity


 Wafaee is an Arabic name for boys that means faithful, loyal, complete, actualized.

 Associated with faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith.

Friendship, closeness.

Loyal and Trustworthy


Wafeer is an Arabic name for boys that means plenty, much, available in great amounts or numbers.

Faithful, loyal, True, trustworthy, reliable, perfect, complete

 Perfect, Keeps promises, Capable of paying debt

Companion, friend, successful.


Gift, name of a Sahaabi(RA).