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Lion, King Of Jungle

Distinct, evident, plain, Clear


Glorious, magnificent.

Dazzling, Brilliant, Prevailing.

early ,Early morning

Major, (Adult)

Deeply learned, Genius ,Wise, Intelligent, Clever

Brilliant, superior, outstanding.

Originator, creator, One of the names of Allah (swt).

Shining, lightning, bright, illuminating.

Visible and Prominent


Baashir is an Arabic name for boys that means bringer of good news, bringer of good tidings.


Seeing, wise.

One who spreads or grants prosperity



Door, gate, chapter, topic, subject

Babak is a Persian name for boys that means father, mentor, and in ancient Persia was used as an endearing term for fathers (similar to daddy in English).

Origin: Hindi. Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle, Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities. Highly, powerful and influential, very charsimatic and bold with splendor and positive radiance.


Courageous, Lion

Law, A King Name

Babr is a Persian name for boys that means tiger.

Little Basilica Flower.

Bacha, also the name of a famous Pashtun leader, means king.


Badaah is an Arabic name for boys that means large, wide area of land.

Full moon

It’s an Arabic name for boys that has the same meaning as the English word Bedouin, who are an Arab ethnic group known for living the desert in tribes and clans. The Bedouin are known for their bravery and loyalty. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), spent the first few years of his life with a Bedouin family.

Early and On Time

Wonderful, Marvellous, Unique, Amazing

Badeed is an Arabic name for boys that means example, sample, specimen.



Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God

Badhaa is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means to begin, to start, to initiate.

Wonderful, marvelous, unique, amazing.

The marvel of time

Badih is an Arabic name for boys that means able to improvise, witty and creative.

Clear, Physically, Badwi tribe



Unique in the world.

Genius of the time.

Novel, primal

Full moon

Full moon of the faith

Full moon of the world.

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