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A Hindi name for Boys.

One with charms, a desired man.

An intelligent administrator.

To have a divine radiance.

A person who shines with content.

A content Boy.

He is content.

A shinning and content one.

A wheel or a circle. Also means Sun.

Another name for Lord Vishnu.

A disc holder.

A Discus’s King.

A name of Lord Vishnu.

A Boy with round eyes.

One who has the Discus.

A leader of the army.

A round mouthed Boy.

A circle of leaders.

One who has the Cakra, also he who worshipps Vishnu.

An Emperor of the Discus.

A forceful man.

He is the Lord of the Discus.

He who bears the Discus.

A man with a Discus.

One who has soothing eyes.

One with a radiating look.

One with beautiful eyes.

He has the eyes of the Sun.

One who is clairvoyant.

One who is very pleasing to look at.

One who is the Lord of moving.

He leads the army.

One with fine hair.

To go in circle.

Something circular.

A golden Boy.

He is a soothing man.

A champaka tree.

One who fell from glory.

A Kovidare tree’s fruit.

A bean sort, Chickpea.

One who is a great scholar.

Budha’s charioteer.

Another name for the Sun.

One who moves with the speed of a fire.

A fierce and devoted man.

A name of Lord Shiva.

He who is lustruous like the Moon.

He who was born of the Moon.

One with a red mark on the forhead.