Light Of The World

Lord Of The World, Lord Vishnu

Lord of the world

Lord of the universe

Conquerer Of The World

Life Of The World, Worldly Life

One Who Attracts The World ( Jagatmohan )

God Of The World ( Jagatnarayan )

Lord Of The World

World Traveler ( Jagvihari )

World Child

Caretaker Of The World ( God )

God Of The World

Light Of The World

Breath of the universe

Bravest In The World ( Jagveer )


Victory of the moon

Victory to the light

God Of Victory

Glory of victory

Victory of Lord krishna

Victorious lion

Joy of winning

Lord Vishnu

Peaceful Friend*

Son of water

Ornament Of Water ( Means Wind)

God Of Water (Lord Varun)

One Who Holds Water ( Meaning Cloud)

Reflection Of The Moon In Water

Consuming fire

Father Of Sita According To Ramayana, Creator

Ornament Of Janki ( Lord Rama)

Lord Rama

Lord Rama

Hindu Name

One Who Helps People, Lord Vishnu

Protecting men



The King Of His Kundli


Muttering prayers

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva