Rope around waist; God Krishna.

The one who perceives.

Lord Krishna’s charioteer.

A strong man.

A powerful man.

Brave personality.

Injustice; getting ready for battle.

Filled with love.

A honor.

Sprinkling curd.

A Sage.

A divine horse; Sun.

Greatest mind.

A Rudra

Born on island.

Who is non aryan.

Name of Lord Krishna.

A non aryan.

A powerful individual.

Grace; one who has extraordinary power.

The one who invites.

Another name of Krishna.

Father of Parvati.

Cool breeze.

Lord who provides.

Perfect enemy; Shiva.

Coming from Daksha.

Ruler of the land.

Precious Son

Lord Shiva

Ruler of Earth.

South Direction

Sun’s movement.

Name of Lord Shiva.

Son of Daksha; strength.

Petal, tender and warm – hearted.

The one who takes control of affairs.

Leader of the tribe.

Leader of group.

Wheel; always in motion.

A soldier.

Master of a troop.

The conqueror of forces

Indra’s thunderbolt.

One with the power of light.

Team leader.

Powerful and brave.

One who foegives.

One with restrained voice.

The rare one.