A name of the month in Hindu calendar.

Outstanding; Honourable; Gracious; Reward; Favour; Virtuous; Generous.

Holy Month in Spring; A Calendar Month.

Gain; Knight; Grace; Favour; Victorious; Blessings; Winner.

Victorious; Winner.

Brave; A Great Warrior.


Moonlight; Moonbeam.

A Saintly Person; Saint.

The Sky

A fertile land.

A lovely Boy.

Day of the full moon.

A fertile land.

A snake.

One who is snake-like.

Sea waves.

Name of Lord Shiva.


Name of Lord Shiva.

The ruler of the snakes.

A cosmic serpent; name of majestic Lord Shiva.

An important, charming and optimistic being.

One who Knows Law and Divinity; Intelligent; Judicious; Understanding.

Poor; Sufi Mendicant; Proud; Excellent.

Happiness; Ease; Relief; Relief from Bad Times; Cure; Remedy; Improvement; Complete.

Good Gift.

Equitable; Above; Upon; Elevation; On the Top; Fair; Just; Ascent; Height; Divine.

Wide; Unique; Without Rival; One of a Kind; Happiness; Exceptional; Another Name for God; Pearl; Precious.

Distinguishing; Distinctive; Lieutenant General; Another Name for God; Separating; Eminent.

Horseman; Perspicacity; Rider; Knight; Ability to Discern.

A man of high moral standards.


A surprising cry for help.

A young male child, a son.


The ruler who is experiencing triumph.

Good deed’s victory.

A friendly victor.

He who is an embodiment of the victory.

One who is a complete victor.

Winner; Victorious; Guidance; Beginning.

One who is a good soldier.

A good warior.

A nickname for Boys.


Refers to the abode of the Gods.


Till End.

Foundations or fundamental base.