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Name Of A Himalayan Peak, Abode Of Lord Shiva

Kailashnath …. Lord Of Mount Kailash ( I.E Lord Shiva )

White Lotus

Lord Shiva

One Who Shows Different Phases ( I.E. The Moon)



Moon, Lord Shiva

Feet Of Goddess Kali ( Goddess Durga)

Devotee Of Godess Kali, Name Of A Famous Poet Of India

Tenth Incarnation Of God Vishnu Hindu Boy

A Heavenly Tree

Hindu Boy

Good, Well-Being , Auspicious,

God Of Love (Lust), Cupid

Lotus Flower,Name Of A God

Lord Vishnu

A Lake Where Lotus Grows

One With Beautiful Lotus -Type Eyes

Friend Or Brother Of Lotus ( Sun)

Lotus Eyed

God Of Lotus ( Lord Vishnu) (Kamaleshwar)

Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu

One With Beautiful Lotus-Type Eyes

Conch Shell, Elephant

Lord Vishnu

Hindu Boy


Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna




A bracelet

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna

Name Of A King

Hindu Lord krishna


Necklace Jewel,Lord Krishna

Lord Shiva

Monkey, Sun

One With Monkey Flag ( Arjun)

White, Innoccent, Lord Shiva

One With A White Horse ( Lord Indra)

King Of Monkeys ( Hanuman, Sugreev )

One With Monkey Or Sun On His Chariot ( Lord Rama/Arjun)