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Name of bheeshma

Name of lord Vishnu

One who manipulates a club.

Most powerful bow of Arjuna.

The Sky, Heaven

Wanderer in the heavens

A Lamp In The Sky

Refers to the person who is unable to understand.

Bottomless and thoughtful.


Refers to Lord Hanuman.

One With An Elephant Face ( Lord Ganesh)

The one who has a face as same as an elephant.

Lord Ganesh

The lord of elephants or Master Ganesha.

The ruler of the elephants.

The Lord of evils or all evil powers.

The one who is in the shape of an elephant.

Who has strength of an elephant

Elephant King (Lord Airavat)

Owner Of Gajendra (Lord Indra)

Like ears of elephant

Name of the disciple king of Mahavir. It means ‘grove’.

The person who has elephant face in his human body.

The person who has the belly as same as an elephant.

The king of the elephants.

Master of elephant, ganesha

Lord Ganesha, one of the Gods in Hindu religion.

Name of lord ganesha

Refers to devotion.

Hindu Boy

Deep, serious

Thoughtful and severe.

An astrologer; Mathematician

The Lord of people, Hindu deity.

Another name of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha

Lord Of The Clan

One who has the form of multitude.

Lord of fragrance.

King Of Scent , Sandal – Wood

Another name of Lord Shiva.

Master in music

Musicians Of Gods

Master of sweet smelling.


Very nice and sweet smell.


The bow of Arjuna.

Master of the war.